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Friday, November 22, 2013

Her name is Talky Tina and you'd better be nice to her

So I'm being just a little bit nicer to my toys right now.You see, we just got in two different versions of the  Talky Tina Prop Replica! Are you familiar with the story? November 1, 1963, the Twilight Zone episode "Living Doll" aired. In it, Talky Tina, a talking doll, is given as a gift to a little girl, Christie, but Christie's step-father (played by Telly Savalas) takes an immediate dislike to Tina... and the feeling is mutual. Whenever he is alone with Talky Tina she says things to him like "My name is Talky Tina, and I don't think I like you" and "My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to kill you." Eventually, she succeeds...

This is one of The Twilight Zone's most frightening and memorable episodes, so we knew we had to make a prop replica worthy of its creepy legacy. Our sculptors carefully matched the hair, face, and clothing, and we selected some of the most memorable phrases from the episode and designed Talky Tina to say them. Just squeeze her tummy... if you dare! The prop replica was produced in glorious black & white and released in a numbered, limited edition of 1000 in August 2011. They were extremely popular, and since then we've been working to get a new run of these high quality prop replicas made. Finally, they're here! Even better, for the first time, we've made a full color prop replica too! Since we don't have any original props from the TV show to review and no color source photographs are known to exist, the colors are based on what historians believe to have been the true colors of the doll on the show, complete with aqua plaid dress, auburn hair, and piercing hazel eyes that conceal a certain intelligence behind their innocent exterior.

So what makes these prop replicas so wonderful?

  • The black & white prop replicas are numbered and limited to 1500; The full color ones are limited to 500 only!
  • 18 inches tall
  • Vinyl head, arms, and legs
  • Soft fabric body and clothing
  • Rooted hair
  • Eyelids that open and close, innocently winking at you... and do they follow you around the room, too?
  • Her voice track is straight from The Twilight Zone original episode, voiced by the wonderful June Foray, who is best known for providing the voice for Cindy Lou Hoo as well as for numerous characters in the Rocky and Bullwinkle show, including Rocky, slinky superspy Natasha Fatale, and Nell, Dudley Do-Right's true love.
  • Says a variety of phrases from the show:
    • "My name is Talky Tina, and I love you very much."
    • "My name is Talky Tina, and I don't think I like you." 
    • "My name is Talky Tina, and you'd better be nice to me." 
    • "My name is Talky Tina, and you'll be sorry."
    • "My name is Talky Tina, and I'm going to kill you."

Now, Tina is waiting for a good home. Won't you please give her one? She's been very well treated here, and she will be your best friend. Just remember to be nice to her...

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

ALL-NEW The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Replica with Red Devil Head Signed by William Shatner!

I'm really excited about a new item we just produced! It's a prop replica of The Twilight Zone's Mystic Seer. Best of all, we just got 100 of them signed by William Shatner!  The story goes that back in 1960, Shatner starred in The Twilight Zone episode “Nick of Time”, written by renowned author Richard Matheson. It’s the tale of a young couple who visit a diner that has a penny fortune telling machine called The Mystic Seer. Shatner plays a man who becomes fixated on the machine, convinced it can genuinely see the future and advise him about what he should do. He begins feeding pennies into the machine obsessively, while his wife grows increasingly disturbed by his behavior. The devil’s head on top of the machine looks on impassively. Could it be that the machine is possessed of genuine demonic power?

This became one of the most iconic The Twilight Zone episodes--it was William Shatner’s first appearance on the show and an early starring role for him. When the Disney parks created their homage to The Twilight Zone, "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror," they created a replica of the Mystic Seer to showcase in the ride in each of their parks. You can see it in the "Hotel Library" portion of the ride, just off of the lobby. In honor of this classic episode, we created a full-size, working prop replica of the device, complete with the same ambiguous fortunes that so bedeviled Shatner, such as: “It has already been taken care of,” “Your chances are good,” “The answer to that is obvious,” and “You may never know.” The prop replica takes pennies and also works as a napkin dispenser and menu holder, just like the original! 

We first created a limited run of the prop replica several years ago, but it proved to be so popular that we decided to go for another production run. Creating a prop replica for a black-and-white TV show presents special challenges--there are no color photographs of the item, so we have to use our best judgment at the colors. At Disneyland, the devil's head is red, while at Disney World, the devil's head is cream-colored. For the first time, for this run, the devil's head on top of the prop is in red to match the rest of the device, just like at Disneyland! And we were able to get Shatner himself to sign some of the Mystic Seers. This makes it one of very few Twilight Zone-linked products signed by Shatner. What could be cooler than getting a classic Twilight Zone prop replica signed by William Shatner? But keep in mind that the signed versions are limited to just 100 pieces, and we expect them to go fast! They’re coming out in December, just in time for the holidays!

Will it be selling out quickly? “It is quite possible!”

If you order now, will you be able to reserve your own? “Your chances are good!”

Will this be a prized piece in any Twilight Zone or Star Trek collection? “The answer to that is obvious!

Friday, September 13, 2013

First Look, Venture Bros. The Monarch Entertainment Earth Exclusive!

First Look at the limited Entertainment Earth Exclusive Venture Bros. The Monarch , 3-¾ Inch Unpainted Action Figure. There are only going to be 500 figures available. Ever look at your toys and wonder what they would look like with no paint on them? Well here you are!

This exclusive action figure is based on those we used for our test shots! Basically, now that we know the molds are filling correctly and all the pieces fit together as they should, we wanted to make a totally AWESOME exclusive as a special bonus for fans! With no paint, you can examine the great detail and symmetry of this action figure! Get yours as a special preview before the release of the regular figure!

Prototypes of  Venture Bros. The Monarch

This Monarch Exclusive is hot off the injection machine, in its original form, unpainted and blister packaged. Make this exclusive part of your collection! Here's a chance to get a unique specimen for your collection, before it goes through the paint masks which make up the finished product."

The Venture Bros. The Monarch Unpainted 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure - EE Exclusive

Pre-order your Venture Bros. The Monarch Unpainted 3 ¾ Inch Action Figure EE Exclusive at Entertainment Earth:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Live, from Bif Bang Pow, it's your very own pair of Schweddy Balls!

Bif Bang Pow is excited to announce that our latest addition to our SNL Collectibles Line is... Schweddy Balls! Just in time for the holidays!

What better way to decorate for the season than with Schweddy Balls! These gorgeous, "delicious" and beautiful Schweddy Balls are actually PVC ornaments brought to you by Bif Bang Pow! Hang them on a tree, wreath or anywhere you want! Each set of 2 Schweddy Balls is packaged in an open window gift style box. Share your Schweddy Balls with all of your family and friends! 

And to whet your appetite, check out the original Saturday Night Live sketch, "NPR's Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls", starring Alec Baldwin as Pete Schweddy, with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer as the NPR hosts who can't resist a pair of Schweddy Balls!

SNL Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Comic-Con Report! Dexter Items Were a Hit!

Well, we're back from Comic-Con. It was a huge success, and as always a great time!

There was a lot of buzz and excitement over our Dexter Bobble Head and  Dexter Tin Tote with Blood Slide Box and 3-3/4 inch figure exclusives. Plus, a few of the Dexter cast--Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), Julie Benz (Rita Bennett), David Zayas (Angel Batista), Aimee Garcia (Jamie Batista), Yvonne Strahovski (Hannah McKay) and Erik King (James Doakes)--stopped by the Entertainment Earth booth to sign the exclusives for fans! See our pictures below! 
Julie Benz ("Rita Bennett")
Jennifer Carpenter ("Debra Morgan")
Yvonne Strahovski ("Hannah McKay")
Aimee Garcia ("Jamie Batista") & David Zayas ("Angel Batista")
Erik King ("Sergeant James Doakes")

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Thank you for your support at Comic-Con!

Thank you for coming out to see us at Comic-Con and making the show so successful! Entertainment Earth showed some sneak peeks of our 2014 products. Retailers' feedback on our new products was positive. 

We love cosplay and seeing fans come by in costume, too! 

This year, we were lucky enough to have a detachment of Cylons stop by to frighten the humans, but we won them over by showing them their very own Cylon Bobble Head, which talks and has a moving red light just like the big guys!

Dr. Girlfriend, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, and The Monarch also came by! They fit right in with our  Venture Bros. products and the Convention Exclusive Tin Tote with action figures. While no cosplayers showed up as Bloody, Naked Brock, aficionados can still take home the action figure--another popular seller at Comic-Con!

One of the  highlights of the show for me was Brent Spiner coming by to look at our upcoming products. He was particularly interested in our Data Bobble Head. This bobble head is part of our Star Trek: The Next Generation Build-a-Bridge Bobble Head set. If you collect all 8 deluxe bobble heads of the Star Trek: The Next Generation set, you'll have a mini replica of the Enterprise bridge as well!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Destined to be a Classic: Original Series Star Trek Coasters! Available at Comic-Con at Entertainment Earth's Booth #2343!

Star Trek's much-praised episode illustrations by artist Juan Ortiz are now available as coasters! There are 80 planned 80 illustrations being created to celebrate all of the original Star Trek episodes (including the original pilot, "The Cage"!). Four new illustrations are being released each month, and the first 40 of these are now being released in one set as coasters, available as Convention Exclusives at Comic-Con! I've look through these, and it's hard to fully convey how awesome these are! Ortiz has really exerted himself to produce memorable images to delight any Star Trek fan, and beautiful art that anyone can appreciate! The artwork is 1960s style, and he really relishes the dramatic, psychedelic imagery so popular during that time! Each coaster is about 5 3/4-inches by 3 3/4-inches and has a 4-color image unique to a specific Star Trek episode. The coasters are cork backed, laminated wood, and housed in an attractive laminated wood display box decorated with images of The Enterprise! These images are also available as shot glasses at, and some are available as T-shirts and posters. If you like these, check out our other Star Trek-themed items being displayed at Comic-Con! You'll be able to get the earliest look at some of our prototypes!

 Star Trek TOS Fine Art Coasters Set 1 - Convention Exclusive