Destined to be a Classic: Original Series Star Trek Coasters! Available at Comic-Con at Entertainment Earth's Booth #2343!

Star Trek's much-praised episode illustrations by artist Juan Ortiz are now available as coasters! There are 80 planned 80 illustrations being created to celebrate all of the original Star Trek episodes (including the original pilot, "The Cage"!). Four new illustrations are being released each month, and the first 40 of these are now being released in one set as coasters, available as Convention Exclusives at Comic-Con! I've look through these, and it's hard to fully convey how awesome these are! Ortiz has really exerted himself to produce memorable images to delight any Star Trek fan, and beautiful art that anyone can appreciate! The artwork is 1960s style, and he really relishes the dramatic, psychedelic imagery so popular during that time! Each coaster is about 5 3/4-inches by 3 3/4-inches and has a 4-color image unique to a specific Star Trek episode. The coasters are cork backed, laminated wood, and housed in an attractive laminated wood display box decorated with images of The Enterprise! These images are also available as shot glasses at, and some are available as T-shirts and posters. If you like these, check out our other Star Trek-themed items being displayed at Comic-Con! You'll be able to get the earliest look at some of our prototypes!

 Star Trek TOS Fine Art Coasters Set 1 - Convention Exclusive