Back from Another Dimension Comes The Twilight Zone Black and White 3 ¾-Inch Action Figures

We entered The Twilight Zone and came back with some of our most popular 3 ¾-inch scale action figures featuring updated color palettes and packaging design. These black and white authentically designed and rendered action figures bring to life some of the most chilling characters from memorable episodes of The Twilight Zone. From the episode entitled, "Eye of the Beholder," Doctor Bernardi has a silver stethoscope and the Nurse’s shoes are now black while both have a darker scrub color. What’s that out the window? It’s the Gremlin, from "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" with a darker body color. Back on Earth something has arrived. From the episode aptly titled “The Invaders” comes the Invader action figure with the rings on its body updated to black. That’s not the only otherworldly visitor to Earth. From "To Serve Man", Kanamit is updated with two different looks. In one, his outfit has glitter accents and the other has a silver metallic finish. Last but certainly not least is Talky Tina from the episode “Living Doll”. She is updated with a darker dress color and darker hair. Don't let these action figures disappear into The Twilight Zone again. Available at Target stores, Summer 2022, and Entertainment Earth.