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Friday, October 28, 2016

Hey, Wanna Play? New Dexter 10th Anniversary Pin Mate Set to Die For!

Everyone's favorite serial killer returns with his friends in a special limited edition Dexter Pin Mate Wooden Figure 10th Anniversary Set of 10 - now available for pre-order.

Commemorating the award-winning show's first episode in October 2006 on Showtime, this Dexter anniversary Pin Mate™ set celebrates everyone's favorite serial killer along with some of the show's most beloved characters, which are individually numbered 2-11 (on the figure's bottom and the packaging).

Dexter Morgan is number 2; Debra Morgan is number 3; Angel Batista is number 4; Sgt. Doakes is number 5; Maria LaGuerta is number 6; Vince Masuka is number 7; Joey Quinn is number 8; Rita Bennett is number 9; The Trinity Killer is number 10; and The "Dark Passenger" Dexter is number 11.

Measuring a mere 2-inches tall, each one-of-a-kind Pin Mate™ figure captures key character nuances with 360-degree, hand-painted artwork that includes some decal elements. Only 504 sets available in this one-time, limited production run!

Be among the first: pre-order yours today! And don't forget - the very first figure in this series, a blood-spattered Dexter, is still available!

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