“The Naked Time” Sulu Bobbles His Way into Stock

Remember when Sulu showed off his fencing skills in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Naked Time"? Well, so do we! And now, Bif Bang Pow! captures that memorable episode with the first-ever Star Trek: The Original Series The Naked Time Sulu Deluxe Bobble Head – now in stock at Entertainment Earth.

In continued celebration of the Star Trek 50th anniversary, this unique all-resin bobble is a must have for any classic Trekkie collector. Measuring 7-inches tall, the Star Trek: The Original Series The Naked Time Sulu Bobble Head features the muscular lieutenant with his infamous sword as he stands on a delta-themed based.

Be among the first to secure this fun, commemorative bobble head for your collection and order yours today!

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