Star Trek: TOS Captain Kirk Pin Mate™ Beams into Stock at Entertainment Earth

Boldly go where no miniature wooden figure has gone before with the Star Trek: The Original Series Captain Kirk Pin Mate™ from Bif Bang Pow!, now in stock at Entertainment Earth.

This 2-inch wooden Pin Mate™ figure celebrates the beloved captain from Star Trek: The Original Series. Designed with a retro-style, this Captain Kirk figure showcases the iconic captain uniform with 360-degree artwork that includes hand-painted elements with decal graphics. Uniquely numbered on the bottom of the figure and on the packaging, the Star Trek: The Original Series Captain James T. Kirk Pin Mate secures its place as No. 1 in the series.

Kirk is a must-have companion piece to the rest of the Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate™ figures: First Officer Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, Chief Engineer Scotty, Dr. McCoy, Lieutenant Sulu and Ensign Chekov (each sold separately) – all available at Entertainment Earth. Order yours today!