Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby Journal

"It's anything but"... just a journal. Indeed, it's the Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby Journal from Bif Bang Pow!.

This awesome journal features those zany characters Mordecai and Rigby on the cover, the show's logo on the spine, and the entire gang on the back. Oooh, that’s too cool! This 8-inch tall x 5-inch wide hardbound journal contains 320 lined white pages, all yearning for your pen.

Want to avoid work and create misadventures to enjoy life and overcome boredom? Now there's a place to write them down! What bizarre and surreal adventures will this blue jay and raccoon (and you) land in next?

Friends and park groundskeepers Mordecai the blue jay and Rigby the raccoon head the cast of Regular Show, an animated television series from Cartoon Network that features the unlikely pair and their often surreal and/or supernatural misadventures.

The Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby Journal is available for purchase for the first time ever at Entertainment Earth!

Regular Show Mordecai and Rigby Journal