Fracking amazing! Apollo and Starbuck are coming to Comic-Con! BBP Exclusives Booth #2343: Part 4

Actors Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo) and Dirk Benedict (Lieutenant Starbuck) will be reunited at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 to officially launch our fantastic new line of Battlestar Galactica merchandise, kicking off a 35th year anniversary celebration!   For the first time ever, 8-inch EMCE “Mego” style action figures will be available for this classic series.  Now Cylons battle join your D.C., Venture Bros., Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and other EMCE action figures!

Available for the first time ever at booth #2343 at Comic-Con:
Lieutenant Starbuck, Commander Adama, Cylon Centurion and Captain Apollo action figures.  Also available is a very cool Battlestar Galactica Cylons w/Tin Tote - SDCC Exclusive (Limited to 1500 pieces) that includes an embossed Battlestar Galactica Tin-Tote with two more Cylon ation figures inside – a battle damaged Cylon as well as a Gold Commander.  Start building your troops today!

APPEARANCE TIME:  Friday, July 13, 2pm-3:30pm

Please visit and our booth for exact signing dates and times.  Celebrity appearances are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.