Happy New Year!

Hello Bif Bang Pow! fans, Lenzi here, with all the news for 2012.

It's the time of year when everywhere you turn, someone is giving you a run down of what was great about 2011 and what's going to make life worth living in 2012. Well, we're not going to take it quite THAT far, but as a public service announcement, we think you'll appreciate what we're alerting you to. If you thought 2011 was full of surprises and innovation, wait 'til you see what's coming! 

We have had an amazing reception for our DOCTOR WHO retro range, ensuring more to come. Our next wave of figures is up for pre order right now, and if you thought our TARDIS 'bobble head' was innovative, you're going to love where we're taking characters from this license. We're also delving into other goodies, like a journal that's a replica of River Song's, glassware and more!

Design and sculpting for our two newest license announcements, THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, is happening as we speak, and you're going to be knocked out by the results! We feel it's been far too long since these iconic titles of the 70's have been adequately represented in collectible form, and we're just the guys to handle the job! Retro figures, bobble heads, collectible tins and more, it's going to be a retro 2012 in more ways than one. 

Our TWILIGHT ZONE range keeps going strong, and surprising us every step of the way. Our third wave of retro figures is up for pre order, and our newest prop replica, the Mystic Seer Fortune Telling Machine, is going to hit the streets in January. There will be a regular edition and a very limited, black and white edition, signed by geek god William Shatner himself, the star of the classic 'Nick of Time' episode the piece came from. But hurry, these beauties are going to go fast!

We're also entering our third year with THE VENTURE BROTHERS, and due to over whelming fan support, we're hard at work on our third wave of characters for the retro figure range. We're also knee deep in plans for SDCC 2012 already (for ALL our licenses!), and Team Venture will figure prominently. And we're exploring a brand new category for the VB license, and we think you'll agree, it's 'about time' someone did!

Dexter Morgan is still causing trouble in 3 3/4" form from our DEXTER license, and Kenny Powers will be bobbling away from our EASTBOUND AND DOWN brand in new and more offending ways. 

Whew! Is that enough for one toy company to be promising for the future? We think so. 2012 may not bring armageddon, but we just might be able to make the earth move a bit with our efforts. So hold on to something, because Bif Bang Pow! is shaking things up!

From all of us here at BBP! Headquarters, we want to wish you all the best for the holidays, and a happy and healthy New Year. Stay safe, because you're going to want to be well enough to play with all these toys!

All the best,