Packaging with a Punch!

Hello Bif Bang Pow! lovers of all creeds and wizarding schools, Lenzi here again, with a major scoop for ya. Well, several major scoops, to be precise. We've been good enough to sneak some of the artwork which will feature on our brand new retro action figures for 2010 to several different websites out there in the net-er-verse. Tomorrow morning, everyone's going to cyberspacely join hands and unleash the beauty at the same time. So, if you wanna be the coolest kid on the block and get a dose of Bif Bang Power to take you into the weekend, then get to bed early tonight so you can be the first one up and at 'em tomorrow. The participating sites are: Action Figure Insider, The Mego Museum, The Mantis Eye Experiment, Dread Central, Idle Hands, and Wizard World.

If this works, it could be the biggest media event since Live Aid. Or Shatner selling his kidney stone on ebay, or somewhere very in between. Tune in tomorrow, folks, and tell us what ya think!