New Twilight Zone Gremlin Bobble Head!

Re-enter the Twilight Zone with Bif Bang Pow!'s first Twilight Zone offering of 2010. Pre-order the all-new Gremlin from the famous "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" episode starring William Shatner. This ultra-creepy bobble head is authentically designed and painted in a black-and-white motif. Inspired by one of the most memorable scenes from the show, the remarkable airplane-wing base has the Gremlin sitting on the engine housing, tearing pieces from the wing! The bobble head also features the perspective from the inside of the airplane cabin with the window that faces the Gremlin. Order yours today!


Unknown said…
AWESOME!!!!!! PLEEEEEASE MAKE MAYA THE CAT DANCER!!!!! With bobbling dance moves at the hips!!!!
....and Burgess Meredith in Time Enough at Last! On the steps, with satcks of books, holding the clock with broken glasses on his face!
You guys are doing a great job! Do you take submissions?