Flash Gordon and Ming "Mego" Style?

Happy holidays from the Bif Bang Pow! team. As you may know, we've released some fantastic Alex Ross designs of action figures from the iconic 1980s film Flash Gordon. At San Diego Comic-Con 2009, we revealed a prototype "Mego" style "retro" 8-inch Flash Gordon action figure that we could make. There has been some internal debate, however, that we'd like your opinion on.

If we made these action figures (Flash and Ming), what head sculpts should we use? We could make these figures using head sculpts based on the original 10inch design that Mego released in the 1970s, OR we could make all-new head sculpts based on the actors from the film. You decide. Take our poll now at bifbangpow.com on the front page, directly to the right of the "Where to Buy" section.

UPDATE 12/22/2009 - The poll has now closed. You have been heard. All-new movie sculpts win by far! Thank you for participating.