The signpost up ahead....your next stop....

Ok, Bif Bang Pow! fans. I warned you that the news was going to come fast and furious in the next couple of months, and here's another doozy for you. It's time to debut the first two items from our 'Twlight Zone' collection: The Invader and The Mystic Seer! After much hard work and meticulous research, we're really excited at how they've turned out. Now, notice how I didn't call them 'bobble heads'? That's because we think slightly outside the box here at BBP!, which is probably why no office can hold us! While the Mystic Seer COULD technically be called a 'bobble head', because the little devil head does indeed 'bobble', we think you'll agree it's a unique item and way to present this iconic piece. As for the Invader, being a stocky little fellow, he 'bobbles' at the waist, for that "walking on an alien planet" action.

They're almost here, but they're up for pre order NOW. And just WAIT 'til you see what else we have coming from that other dimension. Trust me, you'll want 'em all......


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- make a figure from Twilight Zones episode "The Dummy" That dummy was about as scary as "Talky Tina"

You just have to! No one has done this yet! I have a group of friends that crack up because Im always imitating this character. Its been a long standing joke. For Christmas I bought them all Talky Tinas and Mystic Seers from you guys. I couldnt find anything with the "The Dummy"

I have looked everywhere for something close to this but there is nothing out there.