"Yes, and proud we are of all of them".

Hello Bif Bang Pow! readers and achievers of all shapes and sizes! Jason Lenzi here again, with some very exciting news that you (and I) have been waiting a long time to read: Wave 3 of our Big Lebowski Urban Achievers action figures are up for pre-order right now! With new and improved images!

That's right, after nearly a year and a half of calls, paperwork, designs, hold ups, let downs, drinks, and heartburn, unveiled for the first time, are Donny, the Stranger and Jesus Quintana, in full regalia, over at the Entertainment Earth site, right now! They're crafted with the same loving care that went into our previous waves, and we think they'll look beeeutiful standing proudly next to Jeffrey and Walter (which you already have, right? Right??). From Donny's burger, to the Strangers bottle o' Sasparilla, to Jesus' handy ball cleaner, all of the details and accessories you know and love from the film are in place and ready to move into your office or home.

So, like mama always said, 'good things come to those who wait'. Thanks for being patient, we think you'll be proud as well.


Normally, I have strong objections to the proliferation of cheap plastic crap from China, but I must make an obvious exception for your series of Big Lebowski Urban Achievers action figures. Your determination and perseverance to bring these products to the world is honorable, and affirms the idea that humanity is indeed on the path of progress. I salute you.
Rik POB said…
Donny looks a little off... the other two are brilliant though! Can't wait to get my greedy paws on these!