Where's Jesus? Where's the Supporting Cast?

Everyone is raving about Series 2 of The Big Lebowski action figures, and for good reason. The dynamic duo of The Dude and Walter sport new accessories, paint and clothing. And just WAIT until we show you what's coming for San Diego Comic-Con.

But everyone is still wondering - where are the other characters from the coolest movie of the 90s? Where is Jesus? Where is Donny? Let's put the rumors to rest once and for all. Donny (Steve Buscemi) IS coming in Series 3 late this Fall. The Stranger (Sam Elliott) IS coming in Series 3 late this Fall. Jesus (John Turturro)- is still in the works.

Even though we have the license to produce action figures from the film, we still need (through Universal Studios) to get permission from each actor. Ok, it's a little more complicated than that - but believe us, we hear you, and we're trying - 'cause we're big fans too!


Unknown said…
Hey Guys,

Love your work!

I was wondering if you are going to produce a Jackie Treehorn figurine?

I have all of your current characters, have pre order series 2 and am anxiously awaiting series 3. But I would love a Jackie Treehorn, as I have opened a cocktail bar named after the pron autuer!


Keep up the fantastic work.