The Big Lebowski Action Figures Series 2

The Dude (Hoodie)
Walter (Special Mission)

First Shipment:
August 2008

8-inch scale

Download High-Resolution Images: - 29MB


Eric T said…
As with the first series, these figures are great! The alternate outfits for The Dude and Walter are perfect. My only beef is: where are the other characters?! We desperately need a Donny, a Maude, a Brandt, The BIG Lebowski, JESUS QUINTANA, and the Nihilists but a DaFino, Bunny, or Smokey would be great too. This classic movie has too many great characters. Obviously The Dude and Walter are staples but give us the others!
Chalupa said…
I've really been wishing for a Marty action figure that does a fist-pump.
Momma Roop said…
Jason Lenz said…
Hey guys, Lenzi here checking out the feedback. Thanks for the amazing compliments! And we'd be lying if we said we didn't agree, they are great!

To address your wanting/needing more characters-believe me, so do we!! And we've been working non stop for the past year to get them, but as you may or may not know, it's not an overnight process. If it were up to us it certainly would be, but our/their fate is in the hands of the studio, actors, agents and god knows how many other assistants/legal people who have failed to pass on our messages the past 12 months.

All we can say is, hang in there. Donny and the Stranger are just around the corner, and if everyone does what's necessary, many more characters will follow.

Now stop reading and go over and pre order these now!