Flash Gordon Wave 2 Approaching!

Hello everyone, Jason Lenzi here again with some news many of you have been waiting for. After lots of discussions and much character debate, Wave 2 of our Flash Gordon: The Movie action figures are going into production. Alex Ross has feverishly toiled away on detailed design sheets for the next four (yes, four!) figures in the line. Wave 1 has been, by all accounts, a success, and folks are chomping at the bit to know about the next characters. We couldn't keep you in suspense much longer, so I get to spill the news. Wave 2 will consist of: Prince Barin-rightful heir to the throne of Mongo, and played by the dashingly handsome Timothy Dalton (star of two of the best Bond films ever made, and 'Hot Fuzz'); Dale Arden- played by the lovely Melody Anderson, Flash's main squeeze will be in her wedding dress from right off the poster; Klytus- Ming's Dr. Doom-ish right hand man, played with sleazy relish by Peter Wyngarde; and of course, Flash Gordon himself, this time in his iconic FLASH t-shirt. So now that you know, we suggest you pre-order these beauties right away, because Wave 1 is almost a distant memory (25 sets of Wave 1 remain - that's it folks). Get over to EE now! If you need any convincing, have a gander at Alex's drawing of Dale (coming soon...). Need we say more??


Unknown said…
Great news! I'm not a huge variation fan but Flash in the iconic "Flash" T-shirt is a must have. Can't wait to see these babies this August. :)

John - www.toytraderz.com
smacky said…
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Unknown said…
Klytus, yeah!!
Amazing villain!