12inch The Big Lebowski Figure Update!

To Cancel or not to Cancel – that is the question! We have been reading your comments and we sincerely appreciate your support of our brand and your feedback. And now the facts:

Entertainment Earth did change the status on the 12inch The Big Lebowski figures to canceled – and it's true for now.

These 12-inch figures are a casualty of a basic rule of economics - supply and demand. If the demand is not there, then there can be no supply.

Even though everyone loves how the prototypes turned out, and we've had great interest and publicity, pre-sales have not been strong enough to warrant a full production run today.

The good news is that this absolutely does NOT change the status of the 8-inch Urban Achiever action figures, which are in production today. Shipping is scheduled for late November. AND there will be Wave 2 of The Big Lebowski 8-Inch Urban Achiever action figures! More details coming soon!


idlechimp said…
I had these on pre-order and was sooo sad to get that canceled email!! I hope one day they do get made.
Sarah said…
I am crushed. These looked amazing. If they don't get made then at least see about selling the sculpts to Sideshow or Medicom. A larger company could afford to do a smaller production run without much risk as they have huge licenses to fall back on should sales be slow. I am astounded presales weren't through the roof, especially given the attention to detail in all of the clothing and accessories.