Sunday, June 10, 2007

FLASH finally coming back to DVD!!

He everyone, Jason Lenzi checking in again, with some terrific news for all Flash Gordon, Sci Fi, cult movie, and well, Queen fans: after a near ten year abscence, Universal's 1980 feature 'Flash Gordon' is finally getting a long awaited re-release on DVD this summer! Yup, the 'Flash Gordon: Saviour of the Universe Edition' DVD hits shelves on August 7, 2007. Not only that, but it'll have special exclusive artwork done by our old friend Alex Ross, who as you may already know, is not only the biggest fan of the film on the planet, but is also acting as artistic director on Bif Bang Pow!'s 7" FG action figure line. And here's a preview of the beautiful work he's done, check it out! 2007 is shaping up to be the year of Flash: the DVD release, a brand new, live action series debuting on Sci Fi Channel on August 10th, and the first official action figures and merchandise for the film coming out from us here at BBP. Wow, he just may stand for every one of us...


Atom said...

I take unbridge with the statement that Alex is the biggest Flash Gordon fan.... I argue I hold that title. :P

But seriously it is shaping up to be agreat year for Flash Gordon fans. I am looking forward to the new DVD almost as much as the figures.

Unknown said...

This is FANTASTIC news! This truly is a great year for Flash fans...action figures and a new DVD, what more can a guy ask for? Thanks to BBP for being a part of it!

John -