Hello Everyone

Jason Lenzi here, the other Founding Jason of Bif Bang Pow!

This is my first post on this new fangled 'blog', as the kids say, and I wanted to add my sentiments right away to those of Jason Labs. Our first Toy Fair was by all accounts a success, and the number of people, both in fan and buyer form, that came by to add praise and ask when they could get the little plastic goodies in their hands, was overwhelming. I met alot of very cool people, and the comments we heard most often were of the "It's about time!", and "Wow! You just made my Toy Fair experience!" variety, and from where I sit it doesn't get much more emphatic than that. It sort of validated all the hard work and efforts we've put into this for so long. But it's not over yet.

So watch this space for more information as it becomes available, on these and future lines we're involved with. So tell your friends, spread the gospel, and compile your wish lists, cause The Dude and Ming are coming....




LYT said…
I pray the Flash figures look as good as the pictures I've seen. I'll be buying them for sure if they are.

Klytus, Vultan, and Aurra for wave 2!
smacky said…
That Flash Gordon movie is a huge favorite of mine, and so many interesting looking characters you could do. The sculpts look amazing. I hope the articulation can be like DC Direct (some articulation in the legs) rather than the NECA movie line (static). My greatest wish would be about 9-12 points of articulation, so the sculpt would still look amazing, but the fig can do more than stand in one position.

Thanks for making these and good luck! I'll be ordering multiple sets!
Gnarfdeath said…
awesome!!! its about time someone starts showin' Flash some love here in the States!! I love the Big Lebowski stuff too!! Back to back grandslam!! I can't wait for this stuff to drop!
Unknown said…
Hey guys. You were the first booth I visited at Toy Fair, and pretty much nothing stuck in my mind as much as seeing the action figure versions of Ming and Flash! Most definitely a long time coming, and I can't wait to finally add them to my collection.

Looking forward to seeing what else you have to offer!

Go Hero said…
I love what you are doing and am delighted to see the Flash Gordon license in good hands! I have a business question for you if you have a moment. Email me: info@gohero.com

eveleye1 said…
These figures look awesome,,any idea when there coming out..also will the 12″ figures talk..that would be great if they used lines from the movie…ether way i’m buying..
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