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Thursday, May 21, 2009

(our) Dexter is everywhere!

Our Dexter action figure has been making the rounds. It landed a spot in TV Guide in early May, and now our Entertainment Earth Exclusive Dark Defender action figure (just announced) is the #1 most anticipated exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 (and we can assure you that many more exclusives were submitted for this list). Click this link to pre-order (while supplies last), or check out page 36 on this PDF (page 34 is the actual page number).

Friday, May 01, 2009

Expand your Homicide Division

Hey gang, Jason here to brighten your day and bring you great 'Dexter' news. We're adding to our ever popular 'Dexter' bobble head line, with two more characters from the Miami Police Homicide Division: Lt. Maria LaGuerta and Vincent Masuka! That's right, the toughest division head and the creepiest lab tech on the force are now available for pre order, and they're going fast! Since you already have the rest of the characters (you do, don't you? What?? Well what are you waiting for?), it'd be silly not to get these two new beauties. Both have all the detail you'd expect from Bif Bang Pow!, and have been personally approved by the actors themselves. So grab 'em while they're hot! Then get 'em home, and pretend that Masuka says something completely inappropriate to LaGuerta, and gets bopped on the bobble. Ahhh, playtime with 'Dexter'. Such fun!